Wear protection for mining industry

Wearing parts for mining industry

Mill linings

Linings for grinding mills in the mining and processing industries

We design, manufacture, and market linings for mills. In addition to mill lining using rubber, our product selection includes lining components with steel plate or cast steel reinforcement and with many different types of fixing methods. We also offer our customers lining installation services and installation supervision.

Lining design and rubber grade selection is done specifically to the process and in close cooperation with the customer. Our aims are the longest possible in-service life and the best possible grinding results. Via process simulation we can tackle even the most challenging technical issues related to grinding.

For lining and wearing parts, we use the TRL rubber grades especially developed for the use of the mining and processing industries. Our own product development unit guarantees continuous development and testing. We conduct the practical tests together with the customer in the actual usage environment.

Our long experience, close collaboration with customers, and continuous R&D activities ensure that the best possible end result is delivered to our customers.

Wear-resistant elements

We design and manufacture various wear-resistant elements made to order with customer measurements and requirements. Some examples of these include silo, platform, and chute linings and wear-resistant sheets. We choose the right materials to suit the usage scenario.

Our material options include diverse grades of rubber and polyurethane. If required, we can integrate other materials with these, such as steel and ceramics, to add wear-resistance and in-service life for the product.

Silo, platform, and chute linings and wear-resistant sheets
Slide beams

Slide beams can be used, for example, in the unloading locations under the conveyor belt in place of support roll assemblies. The frame of the slide beams is made from wear-resistant rubber and the surface is finished with a plastic featuring a low friction coefficient. This combination also makes the slide beam suitable for a variety of applications and provides a durable impact guard.

Friction beams

Friction beams can be used, for example, on a belt conveyor’s tension drum, between the conveyor belt and the drum itself. The friction beams are made from highly wear-resistant rubber with a high friction coefficient, and they have an aluminium frame for providing rigidity.

Pucast® polyurethane and Nyrim products

These products are used all over the world, for instance in the processing and mining industries, mechanical wood processing equipment, and demanding special applications. Our manufacturing technique is suitable for both small and large production series.

Our product development experience and technical support form the base for our customer cooperation. Targets that utilise polyurethane require resistance to wear, load-bearing capacity, soundproofing, and easy processibility. The products can be completely made of polyurethane or equipped with metal frames.

Nyrim is a polyamide-based material that gives products a combination of the hardness, rigidity, and chemical and thermal resistance of polyamide and the elasticity and viscosity of rubber. Nyrim introduces durability and lightness to solutions that utilise it, and fillers enable modifying the properties of the products. Reaction injection moulding (RIM) enables large product volumes and low moulding costs.



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