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Rubber and plastic components • Metal inserts in rubber and plastic components • Silicone products

Our expert know-how and long experience as a vehicle industry supplier give Teknikum excellent opportunities of offering components, sub-assemblies, and complete solutions for the automotive industry. We design and manufacture products for, among others, the assembly lines of lorries, buses, boats, and special vehicles. Our plant in Vammala has the ISO/TS 16949 certificate, that takes into account the requirements of the vehicle industry in particular.

Our mould-produced components are very common in the vehicle industry, and Teknikum provides a broad range of applicable materials and bicomponent solutions. For the needs of the vehicle industry, we manufacture customer-specific special products and standard moulded products.

For many conditions and purposes

Some very common vehicle industry products are various plastic and rubber components, metal inserts in rubber and plastic components, splash guards, rubber sheets and seals. The products can also be coated metal structures: the coating is optimised to best suit the intended use, and a metal structure is used to handle the structural requirements. Products made of silicone can be used for sealing, binding materials together, and insulation. The group’s product offering also includes various hoses for the vehicle industry to transfer fuels and other liquids.

Our expertise will help you find a working solution for your vehicle needs, be it ploughing equipment in the Arctic or usage in tropical climates. Our extensive materials selection enables special properties important to the vehicle industry, such as tolerance to oil and fuels and resistance to low temperatures and wear.

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