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Rubber sheets

Our rubber sheets designed for general purposes are made of natural rubber (NR), styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), or the mixture of these two. The adhesiveness and elastic properties, and resistance to low temperatures, are good for these rubber grades. Additionally, very good resistance to wear is characteristic of these types of rubber. The general-purpose rubber sheets are highly machineable and can be used for different kinds of seals. The sheets can be used to protect working faces, working surfaces, and even whole stations and also benefit from their insulating and dampening properties. The general rubber sheets also come in nylon-reinforced options that have excellent tensile properties.

Rubber mats

We manufacture spiked mats, general-purpose mats, ribbed mats, grooved mats, and patterned mats. Mats are used, for their specific purpose, to collect dirt and sand in entranceways, to protect floors, to provide electrical insulation for targets such as electrical control cabinets, as walkway covers in ships, as protective mats in lifts, or to protect different kinds of worktops and storage shelves.
The mats are made of natural rubber (NR), styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), or diverse mixtures of these two.

Colour markings on rubber sheets

Colour markings facilitate the identification of various rubber types. The code colour is marked as a stripe on the edge of the sheet. The 00 quality includes a white colour marking, in addition to the actual code colour.

Rubber quality
Letter marking
Code colour
Varastolaadut (merkityt*)
Stocked qualities (marked*)
Luonnonkumi – Natural rubber
Styreenikumi – Styrene rubber
NR, SBRValkoinen – White1600, 1630, 2600*, 2600 V*, 2650
Butyylikumi – Butyl rubberIIRKeltainen – Yellow5630
Nitriilikumi – Nitrile rubberNBRSininen – Blue4600*, 4600 V*, 4630
Kloropreenikumi – Chloroprene rubberCRVihreä – Green3600*, 3600 V*, 3720
Eteenipropeenikumi – Ethylene-propylene rubberEPDMHarmaa – Gray7600*

Thickness tolerances

Compact rubber plates

Nominal measurement
+ mm

Manufacturing lot of a product on order

1,5 - 5,0 mm • approx. 8 rolls
6,0 - 10,0 mm • approx. 4 rolls

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