Rubber lining services

Rubber can be used to coat structural steels, stainless steels, acid-resistant and duplex steels, aluminium, brass, and in some cases also concrete

Containers, pipes or tanks - select Teknikum® rubber lining services on-site or at our factory


As a means of corrosion prevention, rubber coating is used in cases where maintenance-free and long-life protection is required e.f. against strong acids or alkali. In particular, corrosion caused by chlorides contained in seawater can effectively be prevented for decades with the application of rubber coating. In the mining industry, rubber coating has been successfully used as wear protection.

The elastic properties of rubber offer efficient protection against wear-causing load and stress. Processes where items are simultaneously subjected to both chemical corrosion and mechanical wear can be protected by using rubber coating. Special rubber compounds are available for such uses.

Quality and service options

Our certified quality system is based on SFS-EN 14879-1 that guides structural design and manufacture, and SFS-EN 14879-4 that contains rubber coating guidelines and quality assurance documentation.

  • At our plant in Kiikka, the largest autoclave we use are 3.8 m in diameter and 12 m in length.
  •  At customers’ site, the object's size imposes no limitations to the rubber coating work we do.

Rubber lining compounds

Teknikum wear resistant rubber compounds are based on years of expertise and material know-how. We use mainly our own special compounds, but also develop compounds in cooperation with international companies and research institutes.

Teknikum Rubber lining
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