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Teknikum Hungary factory offers customer-specific foam products and solutions for demanding industries.

Teknikum rubber compounds for demanding industries

The Teknikum mixing plant located in Kerava Finland is designed and built as a rubber mixing factory. Teknikum has decades of history of rubber recipes for various demanding rubber parts and applications. Our selection of rubber recipes includes thousands of rubber mixtures of which ca. 800 is in active use.

We manufacture high quality, process stable rubber compounds for different applications and rubber parts manufacturing processes. Our extensive raw material warehouse and flexible production plant enable fast and reliable deliveries of different rubber grades.

The factory is equipped with three internal mixing lines and a possibility for open mill mixing. We manufacture black and non-black compounds of all commonly used elastomer types. The delivery form can be continuous endless stripes, wig-wag sheets or calendared sheets. The compounds can also be delivered strained.   

Teknikum manufactures high quality wear resistant rubber compounds for abrasion resistant rubber linings, molded products and hoses. Demanding industrial wear and tear applications are Teknikum specialty. Thus the raw materials and mixing of these materials is our core competence.

Natural Rubber (NR) provides excellent tear resistance and is the main raw material for many of our wear-resistant compounds. Natural rubber based compounds are great e.g. for o-rings, seals, car tires, rubber linings, mats and conveyor belts, increasing the life-time and operation reliability.

The key to successfully optimized NR based compounds for each specific application is the correct mixing ratio.

Natural rubber is a renewable raw material. Recycled products can be used e.g. as cuts or shreds for road construction.

Our selection of rubber recipes includes existing solutions for many applications in various elastomer types. We have a variety of rubber compounds of various grades and hardnesses that are optimized for different manufacturing processes.
Teknikum offers extrusion optimized rubber for profile manufacturing of EPDM, NBR and sponge rubber in different hardness grades. We also develop and manufacture customer specific extrusion compounds in cooperation with customer.
Teknikum serves the roller industry and OEM customers with high quality rubber compounds and fast deliveries.
Teknikum manufactures customer specific rubber compounds for demanding footwear applications.
Teknikum has a selection of readily tested rubber compounds for automotive components such as coolant hoses for heavy vehicles.
Teknikum manufactures rubber compounds for rubber cables coating and electrical insulation materials for various applications.
We develop, test and manufacture special rubber compounds to meet the specific need and requirements of customer for the particular application and manufacturing process. We can also customize a recipe to given specification.




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