Railway components

Level crossing elements • Mounting components for track rails • Overload protection
Rubber level crossings

Teknikum manufactures rubber level crossings for normal vehicle traffic, maintenance level crossings used e.g. at railway stations, ends of platforms for maintenance and emergency vehicles, light traffic lanes, agricultural driving and low traffic private roads. The materials are resistant to weather and wear, they are easy and quick to install, and no special tools are needed. One installation option is fixing to the track.

Rubber pads

Rubber pads are used as dampening elements between the rail and the sleeper. The material is natural rubber. The Teknikum rubber pad conforms to the UIC standard 864-5, dated 1 January 1986. Teknikum also manufactures several other types of rubber pads.


Cork rubber pads

Cork rubber is used as the filling element in both line and switch sleepers. In wooden line sleepers, cork rubber is used as the filling element for screw and spring fastening. The filling piece is located between the rail and the base plate, and provides flexibility for the fastening. Cork rubber pads also increase friction between foot of the rail and the base plate, thus helping to transfer the longitudinal force of the rail to the sleeper, and further to the railway bank. In concrete sleeper switches, the cork rubber pads are placed between the base plate and the sleeper. Also in this case, the pad provides flexibility for the fastening.


Insulators for rail fastening are used when the rail is fastened to a concrete sleeper. We manufacture insulators both from reinforced and non-reinforced material.

Rail screw sleeve

The rail screw sleeve is cast to the concrete sleeper for fastening the rail screw.

Protection sheet for traffic during construction

The work that is carried out on the level crossing area during the basic improvement of the track requires the existing level crossing structures to be disassembled. During construction, the ballast is covered with a rubber sheet that has a profiled surface on the other side. The protective sheet can be placed between the rails, between the tracks and outside the rails.


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