Process industry

Teknikum - Process industry
Energy production • Oil refining • Chemical industry • Wood processing • Metal processing

Teknikum provides polymer-based solutions and products for the needs of the processing industry – to which the handling of solid matter, sludge, or corrosive liquids is typical.

Example applications:

Rubber coatings for corrosion protection to provide long life and maintenance-free operation
Mill linings, screens, wear-resistant sheets, and wearing parts for cyclones
• Rubber and polyurethane coatings for rolls
Polyurethane products for paper processing
• Customer-specific special products for the processing industry
PUCAST wear-resistant polyurethane products and CERPU wear-resistant sheets that utilise the high durability of ceramics
Nyrim products to replace multiform metal structures in cases where the machining and manufacturing costs of metal products are unreasonably high
• Transfer hoses of foodstuffs, oil and petrochemicals, steam, water and compressed air, screened sand, fly ash, and slaked lime, as well as cable cover hoses, water purification aeration hoses, and connecting hoses for pipelines


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