Personal protection equipment components and assembly

Personal protection equipment components and assembly

Gas masks and personal protection equipment and components for civilian, military and industrial use

Customers looking for protective masks require absolute quality, precision, functional materials, and practical product design. Teknikum’s forte is solid expertise regarding the world of plastics and elastomers. We have truly internalised the demands of this customer type and can address these challenges with confidence.

Some of the users of protective components include soldiers, divers, the industry, and firefighting and rescue professionals. Supplementary parts added to inner masks and facial parts add to the protection equipment’s features and enable even the less common usage scenarios.

The facial parts of Teknikum’s protective masks are always manufactured with the most successful and functional user experience in mind. The hygienic inner masks are designed and manufactured together with the facial part, thus ensuring a perfect fit and maximal tightness. The strap design finalises the fit for the mask, enables making user-specific adjustments, and has a lot to do with putting the protector on and taking it off.

As materials, we use non-allergenic grades of rubber. All facial parts are customised per customer requirements and per usage scenario.

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