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For the mechanical engineering industry, Teknikum offers both rubber coating solutions and technical rubber and plastic products. Some common uses of technical rubber products are various bearing solutions, vibration and sound isolation, seals, coatings, and corrosion and wear protection.

Example applications:

Example applications:
• Some of the vibroprotection implementations carried out by using rubber are isolating machinery from its base and isolating motors from the frame of a vehicle or machine.
Vibroprotection mats are insulators that isolate structure-borne sound and vibration in heavy machinery and permanent installations.
• Customer-specific rubber and plastic components and other technical rubber and plastic products for equipment manufacturers and the vehicle industry, among others
• The manufacture of various metals involves phases where the surface of, for instance, steel is treated chemically. For this, the basins and the storage tanks for the circulated fluids are typically equipped with a rubber coating applicable to the process.
• Corrosion-preventive coatings in ships’ cooling water pipes, flue gas scrubbing system pipelines and tanks.
Coated rolls and reels in paper and wood processing machinery, for example.
• For equipment manufacturers, we provide items such as absorbers, wearing parts, friction and slipper pads, aerator coatings, and bellows for the automotive industry.
• Oil, fuel, and breather hoses, exhaust fume hoses, cooler hoses, brake hoses, dredging hoses, hose pump hoses, and compensators for motors and machines.


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