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Components for docks and shipbuilding yards
Slide bearings • Gaskets and seals • Vibration dumbers • Rubber and plastic components • Silicone and liquid silicone components • Polyurethane products

In maritime circumstances, the used equipment utilises the properties of rubber either as a corrosion-preventive material or as a technical construction material. Teknikum offers components, sub-assemblies, and complete solutions to be utilised in the dock and shipbuilding industries.

Teknikum designs and manufactures, among others, progressive rubber-sheet bearings to replace the traditional, more expensive solutions made of bearing metals. Our rubber-sheet bearings have been extensively implemented in container ships’ cargo hatches, and they have proven to be an excellent choice due to their long service life. For this sector, we also manufacture seals, lead-throughs, vibration absorbers, Silicone and liquid silicone components, and customer-specific polyurethane products.

Resistance to corrosion and wear in marine circumstances

In shipbuilding, seawater pipelines and their filters are subjected to both mechanical wear and corrosion. Soft grades of rubber, based mainly on natural rubber, have proven to provide functional solutions. Legislative regulations have also been issued for the emission of pollutants produced by ships. In case of flue gases, sulphur dioxide content is decreased by using flue gas scrubbers where rubber-coated structures help in protecting the system from corrosion. In these targets, the selection of the rubber grade to be used utilises the experience we have of coal-fired power stations.

In addition to corrosion and wear, mechanical wear directed at structures can be decreased by using rubber materials as spring elements. In oil-drilling rigs floating on the sea, the wave-induced wear on the pipelines rising from the seabed is dampened by using spring layers vulcanised on the pipeline surface. Very specific technical requirements for the used grade of rubber apply to these cases.

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