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Rubber and plastic components for wear-resistance, slide bearings, polyurethane products, absorbers, sheets for industrial use, filter sheets

Mould-produced components are very common in various machines and equipment. Teknikum provides a broad range of applicable materials and bicomponent solutions. Our expert know-how and long experience as a mechanical engineering supplier give Teknikum excellent opportunities of offering components, sub-assemblies, and complete solutions for equipment manufacturers.

Liquid silicone products

Silicone products retain their elastic properties both in hot and cold circumstances. The products are highly weather-resistant and have small residual compression. Products made of silicone can be used for sealing, binding materials together, and insulation. In addition, the material has high tolerance for various fuels and liquids.

Due to its properties, liquid silicone is often used for demanding products. Silicone retains its elasticity well and is resistant to ozone, UV light, and hot and cold temperatures. As silicone has such physiologically neutral properties, it can be applied to many uses. Silicones also comply with the RoHS requirements of the electrical and electronics industry. Teknikum provides UL94 V0 -approved, flame-proofed special qualities.

Our versatile ejecting press and multi-daylight press manufacturing techniques enable a broad product selection.

Typical properties of liquid silicone:

• Heat resistance up to +180 °C
• Good elastic properties
• Retains its elastic properties also in cold temperatures
• High resistance to ozone ad UV light
• Excellent ageing and weather resistance
• First-rate electrical insulation properties in a broad spectrum of temperatures
• Neutral regarding odour and taste
• Non-allergenic in direct skin contact
• Physiologically neutral properties, also suitable for use with foodstuffs and the medical industry
• Transparent basic material, can easily be pigmented to desired colour shade

Polyurethane products

Polyurethane products typically provide excellent mechanical properties and first-class wear resistance and tear strength.

Teknikum has a versatile catalogue of different types of urethane, both MDI- and TDI-based materials, both of which come in polyether and polyester types of compounds. Standard indentation hardnesses range between 55-95 ShA, and we also process extra-hard versions up to 80 ShD.

The products are either completely made of plastic or polyurethane-coated metal structures. For the latter, the coating can be chosen to best suit the intended use, and the rigidity of structure, pressure-proofing, or fixing is handled by using metal structures. An interesting speciality area is the ceramics-polyurethane compounds, one example of which is the Cerpu wear-resistant sheet.

Product examples:

• Drive gears
• Sheets and bars
• Spring elements
• Screen meshes

Teknikum Pucast® polyurethane and NYRIM® based products

Products made of these materials are used all over the world, for instance in the processing and mining industries, mechanical wood processing equipment, and demanding special applications. 

Products made of Teknikum Pucast® polyurethane are used all over the world, for instance in the processing and mining industries, mechanical wood processing equipment, and demanding special applications, where resistance to wear, load-bearing capacity or soundproofing is needed.

As material, Teknikum Pucast® provides easy processibility. The products can be made completely of polyurethane or equipped with metal frames.

NYRIM® is a polyamide-based material that gives products a combination of the hardness, rigidity, and chemical and thermal resistance of polyamide and the elasticity and viscosity of rubber. NYRIM® introduces durability and lightness to solutions that utilise it, and fillers enable modifying the properties of the products. Reaction injection moulding (RIM) enables large product volumes and low moulding costs.

Teknikum offers specific manufacturing capabilities for NYRIM® based product manufacturing. 

Product examples:

Rubber and plastic products

We manufacture rubber products both at our plants in Finland and in our units abroad. Our rubber products are manufactured by using ejecting press and multi-daylight press techniques in all size classes, as large production series or small runs - for volume components and demanding special applications.

Our largest presses can reach clamping forces of thousands of tonnes, and our equipment enables mould dimensioning up to several metres. Standard indentation hardnesses range between 55-95 ShA. We utilise 3D modelling in moulded product development. Modelling enables us to simulate different material options via FEM calculation and to offer the best possible solution for the customer. Manufacturing our own tools enables fast deliveries from design table to ready-to-use product. Mould manufacture takes place using CNC machines in our own mould-making unit or is carried out by our long-standing, reliable partners.

We manufacture plastic products both at our plants in Finland and in our units abroad. Using the ejecting press and extrusion techniques, we manufacture customer-specific special products and standard moulded products. The unit’s raw materials selection covers all the main grades of thermoplastic elastomers, basic plastics, and certain technical plastics such as POM, PA, and PA + fibreglass compounds. Some of our products may be very small in size, but our equipment also enables making very large plastic products with up to 2,000 cubic centimetres in volume.

Mould design mostly takes place in Teknikum’s own R&D unit using the latest CAD/CAM technology. Utilising manipulators enables safe handling for sensitive of easily contaminated products. Our high degree of automation and the recyclability of materials guarantee an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process.

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