Industrial hoses for different applications

Industrial hoses for different applications

Our straight hose product line comprises low pressure hoses with a maximum working pressure of around 30 bar that comply with international standards and are designed and manufactured by us. Rubber mixtures for the hoses are delivered from our Kerava blending plant. The most commonly used rubber materials are EPDM, NR, SBR, NBR, CR, FKM, and CSM. Speciality materials, such as a plastic film or a FEP fluoroplastic material, can also be utilised on the inner surface of the hose.

Straight hoses are made on top of a sheath, mainly by the metre. It is possible to attach a spigot extension to the end of the hose in some of the products, enabling the manufacture of cut-to-size pieces. Hoses with an inside diameter of up to about 150 mm can be supplied in rolls, and packed on a suitable pallet. Larger diameter hoses are delivered straightened, in wooden frames.

Our product range also includes many industry-specific additional services such as cutting up hoses to required dimensions, designing hose solutions and connector assemblies, testing hoses and providing quality certifications.


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