Industrial hoses and couplings

Teknikum  offers demanding hose assemblies for industrial plants. Our high-quality industrial hoses and couplings are available via European partner network. 

Our service covers all the areas, from evaluating the use case and environment to defining the correct materials and hose structures, to manufacturing and fast delivery. Additionally, we provide hose couplings, seals and testing services. Our products are used in, for example, the food, chemical, process, construction, mining, mechanical engineering and vehicle industries.

We supply:
• Industrial hoses
• Pipeline connecting hoses and bends
• Hose couplings and clamps
• Customer-specific products in all product groups

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Hose selection for demanding environments

Our standard hose selection cover the most common uses, but we also design and manufacture customer-specific industrial hoses and assemblies based on particular purpose, target, and other individual requirements. Customer-specific solutions mean, in practice, differences in material, size, and structural requirements, such as resistance to chemicals, temperatures, wear, or pressure. These special solutions we create together with our customers.

The largely automated hose production lines enable high-quality manufacture of hoses of varying sizes. When necessary, these hoses that require special solutions can also be produced manually by our professional staff. Our precise quality requirements, quality assurance, and development actions at all process stages guarantee high-level production for both the manufacturing process and the products.

Leading manufacturing technology

The maximum manufacturing length for our straight hoses is 40 m and our hoses range between 8-700 mm in diameter. The connecting hoses we make as piece goods can provide a diameter of up to 1800 mm. The metal mandrels we utilise in production give the hoses excellent dimensional accuracy, and they are highly suitable for implementing various hose designs. Our experience of industrial requirements both domestically and internationally spans several decades, and makes Teknikum one of the leading hose providers in the Nordic countries.

Thanks to our manufacturing technology, we are more flexible than our competitors when it comes to making small runs and to making changes to our production programme when the need arises.

Extra services for ensuring customer satisfaction

Our post-manufacture services, such as customer-specific coupler installations, testing, and documentation, are becoming increasingly common as safety requirements, among others, are becoming all the more demanding. Teknikum has long-term experience of these kinds of requirements and services, and we wish to continue at the forefront of development with customer-specific cases.

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