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Mould-produced components are very common in healthcare equipment in particular, and Teknikum provides a broad range of applicable materials and bicomponent solutions. Our expert know-how and long experience as a health technology supplier give Teknikum excellent opportunities of offering components, sub-assemblies, and complete solutions for companies in the field.

For the health technology sector, Teknikum develops and manufactures demanding LSR liquid silicone products, some examples of which are parts for respirator masks, sheets for dental instrument panels, laboratory equipment, healthcare equipment applications, bellows, lead-throughs, accordion rubbers, and moulded rubber seals.

The properties of silicone - cleanness, non-allergenic, strength, clarity, and high tolerance to changing temperatures and wear - are highly regarded features in the demanding product applications used in healthcare and well-being products. The material releases no particles and it does not react with the human system.

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