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The food industry is rather demanding as a customer sector: the key requirements are hygiene, cleanability, tightness, odourlessness, flavourlessness, and invariance of materials. Teknikum meets these challenges using good product design, solid know-how, and a highly extensive materials selection. We comply with the requirements and regulations set for the food industry. For the food industry, we provide products such as liners for dairy processing, seals, food processing hoses, various plastic and rubber components, and silicone product solutions.

Our products are widely used in dairy processing: Teknikum has long experience of making items such as liners. The functionality of the liner is one key factor in milking machine technology. The liner also affects the well-being of animals. To go with the liners, Teknikum also manufactures milking hoses. The liners are manufactured specifically per customer.

We design and manufacture solutions also for industrial kitchens, various production lines and machinery, and the handling and transfer of liquids. Some example uses for silicone products include the elastic seals in dishes and containers used in industrial kitchens, which can withstand high temperatures and humidity without changing their shape. Silicone decreases wear and provides a non-sticking surface. It also protects and seals off plastic, rubber, metal, and other materials.

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