Clamps and couplings for hoses


Our industrial hose selection is complemented by hose clamps and couplings. Each product page for a particular hose lists the relevant recommendations for clamps and couplings. The most common clamp and coupling materials include acid-proof steel and aluminium. Couplings can be delivered with a smooth or serrated hose shank. General-purpose belt tighteners can be delivered equipped with either one or two screws and from different materials.

The most common coupling types used in chemical hoses are cam lever and screw-type couplings and flanged couplings. Teknikum’s chemical hoses are designed and dimensioned for couplings according to EN 14420 (DIN 2817). Teknikum also delivers ready-to-use hose assemblies with ferrules. Our extra service enables making customer-tailored assemblies and pressure tests. For cases that require higher resistance to pressure and durability, Teknikum offers the PLUS mining flange system that entails a rubber bead that is vulcanised in the hose and tightened with a flange behind the bead.


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