Business principles


Teknikum offers globally durable and environmentally-friendly polymer products and related services that we create together with our customers and partners in joint product development projects. We keep our promise – whether it’s about product features and quality, delivery time, or other mutually agreed issues.

Our knowledgeable and flexible personnel is committed to continuous development and improvement, with the aim of increasing efficiency and developing our company’s competitiveness and working environment, and ensuring profitability - the foundation for continuing operations. With anticipatory and preventive action we can minimise the margin of error. With continuous and open communication and training we can ensure that everyone understands and commits to carrying out our quality policy.

All our operations are guided by our values and a responsible business model

Our values: Responsibility, Appreciation, Regeneration, Happy Customer

Our business model: We work in a constant development mode, servicing the needs of our customers. Our customer process begins with clarifying the customer requirements, including aspects such as design, manufacture, quality assurance, logistics, and finally delivery.


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