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Aler-Tek 2.0 hose wear indicator system is a new Teknikum industrial hose application by which it is possible to monitor wear and tear of inner lining of a hose. Also the system gives a signal when a hose needs to be changed to avoid hose breakage.

The whole Aler-Tek 2.0 system includes a customized customer specific hose and Aler-Tek 2.0 monitor/control device. The device makes a measurement every hour and gives a light alert when defined point of wear and tear has been reached. Nevertheless, the measurement can be made whenever wanted by pressing the button in the device. Consequently by Aler-Tek 2.0 helps industrial operator e.g. as following:

• Safety: hose breakage can be anticipated.
• Uninterruped process: uncontrolled process stops can be avoided.
• Hose purchases: a new hose may be purchased just in time.

As a result industrial functions and processes are safer, environmentally attentive and cost effective. Depending on hose construction the wear and tear may be monitored in one, two or three points in the hose construction. Please inquire possible and suitable hose constructions from our sales.

Aler-Tek 2.0 device is supplied with instructions and with customer specific hose. The device is reusable after hose replacement.

Technical information

Product codeLength
kg / pc
ALERTEK2098 / 12264350,27

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