Wear and corrosion protection

Teknikum's expertise has enabled us to create polymer-based products and solutions for protection against wear and corrosion. We develop, manufacture and market technical rubber products, polyurethane products and lining solutions to meet the challenging needs of various industries.
We serve the mining and process industry, energy industry, chemical industry, forest industry and marine industry, to name just a few – they all handle components, solid materials, sludge or fluids that cause wear or corrosion. We offer assistance in material selection and provide design and expert services related to our products.
  • Mill linings (rubber and rubber/steel)
  • Screen panels, drum screen elements
  • Customer-specific rubber products for mining and process industry
  • Polyurethane products and lining solutions
  • Rubber and other polymer linings
  • Roller linings (rubber and PU)
  • PUCAST– custom specific polyurethane products
  • Linings of sludge pumps and valves
  • linings for concentration plants
  • sludge hoses and hose assemblies