Customer specific technical polymer products and services

Teknikum offer customer specific polymer-based industrial products and solutions. We develop and manufacture technical rubber, plastic and polyurethane products for various industrial applications. Our operations and product development are based on a close cooperation with the customer. We offer customers internationally recognised high-tech material and product development and tooling design. Our operations are based on the international ISO9001:2008 quality standard and the environmental standard ISO14001:2004.
We use 3D modelling in the development of moulded products. Material options are simulated with FEM calculation, resulting in a solution that is suitable for the customer needs. In-house tools manufacture shortens the time from the drawing board to a completed product. The moulds are manufactured with CNC machines in our in-house mould manufacturing work shop.
Manufacturing techniques include injection moulding and compression pressing of rubber, injection moulding and extrusion of plastic, hose manufacture with a mandrel, polyurethane casting, reaction injection moulding (RIM) and liquid silicone injection moulding. Together with our rubber compounding development, our services can respond to customer needs.