The history of Teknikum goes back to year 1896 when Teknikum was part of Gummifabrik rubber factory and later merged with Nokia Group. Teknikum has operated with its present name since 1989 when major part of rubber business line of Nokia Group was transferred to Teknikum Group. 
Teknikum Group includes the Finnish units of Teknikum Oy Vammala, Teknikum Oy Kiikka and Teknikum Sekoitukset Oy in Kerava. Teknikum also has a sales company in Germany, representation in Russia, a production company in China and a Joint Venture company called T-Plasztik in Hungary.
The business group has about 370 employees and an annual turnover in excess of EUR 50 million.
Teknikum provides product and service solutions related to protection from wear and corrosion, industrial hoses and hose assemblies designed for transfer of liquids and other materials, and polymer products that are designed and customer-specifically manufactured. Teknikum's success is rooted in excellent products, efficient production, and high-quality customer service.


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