Teknikum News: August 2016


Teknikum News: August 2016

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Towards Autumn!


Production has again resumed after the annual summer maintenance shutdown at Teknikum, and it’s been fairly busy. All critical maintenance work and autoclave inspections were successfully completed, and we are ready for the rest of the year.

The biggest effort during the break was the complete renewal of the surface blasting equipment that serves the rubber lining and polyurethane production at the Kiikka factory. In addition, many smaller investments and safety improvements were carried out.

Martti Jokela
Production Director
Teknikum Group



We Invest In Training At Teknikum

Skilled and motivated employees are an important resource for our company. That is why in recent years, we at Teknikum have been investing strongly in training.
More than twenty of our employees in production have proven their know-how in rubber production by completing a professional degree. This degree shows that they have good abilities to do their job and manufacture products with high quality.
By completing this degree our employees obtain knowledge of the raw materials we use, as well as of various production technologies and methods. They will also learn to use computers in their work, to better understand production planning, as well as to understand risk management and how to act in case of a disruption.
Furthermore, they will study labor legislation, quality management, and the basics of logistics, marketing, and financial indicators. During the training they will also get a truck driver’s license and the occupational safety card. At the end of the training period, every student must prove their know-how by passing a test in order to obtain their qualification. We also have several individuals at Teknikum who are qualified in logistics as well as in measurement and calibration.
Safety comes first, and that is why we are placing a strong emphasis on safety training at Teknikum. Our goal is that everyone at Teknikum would have the occupational safety card and an understanding of how to work safely. We are not far from reaching this goal. In addition to this, we also offer regular training in first aid and fire-extinguishing skills.


"To be able to manage successfully, a leader should have a full understanding of their responsibilities and the strategy of the company."


High-Level Management Skills
Nearly twenty people among our office staff have the Specialist Qualification in Management. The principal idea of this management degree is that management is a comprehensive action where operations management, leading, and developing your own management abilities together form a unified whole. Actions are planned, managed and evaluated in a goal-oriented manner and in interaction with other people.
To be able to manage successfully, one should have a full understanding of one’s own range of responsibilities and the strategy of the company one works for. Additionally, one should also have the ability to identify any need for change, and to lead corrective development actions. Leading the change is part of every manager’s job, and one needs to have the know-how required to do that.
Another very important part of management is the ability to motivate people and engage them. To become a better manager, one needs to understand one’s own role and recognize not only one’s personals strengths, but also the aspects in which one still has room for development.
The Specialist Qualification in Management degree consists of two parts, one of them obligatory (How to act as a leader) and the other one optional, with four alternatives to choose from. In order to obtain the degree, one must pass the test in the obligatory part as well as in one of the optional parts, which are: Human resource management, Customer relationship management,
Production management, and Network management.
This means that it is possible for everyone to choose the courses that best fit and support one’s own work.


"The objective of the academy training has been to ensure the implementation of Teknikum’s strategy."


Additional Training in Teknikum Academy
From the beginning of 2014 until 31 May 2016, our staff studied in the so-called Teknikum Academy. The academy was a joint procurement where the organizer was the Sastamala municipal education and training consortium. A significant part of the project’s financing came from the ELY Centre (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment). The training project was carried out in collaboration with SASKY, the labor administration, as well as the ELY Centre.
Before the academy training project was launched, a plan was laid out regarding what kind of training it was to include and who would be studying in the academy. During the training project, every session (including the list of participants) was reported to SASKY and the ELY Centre.
The objective of the academy training has been to ensure the implementation of Teknikum’s strategy. During 2014 and 2015 as many as 564,5 days of training were recorded, while during the first five months of this year the number of days was 267. For all those days, financial support from ELY Centre was received.
The Teknikum Academy training included, among other things, training in sales, lean, languages (Russian, Chinese, English, Swedish), management, ICT applications and tools, as well as the principles of financial accounting. All in all, more than sixty Teknikum employees took part in the Teknikum Academy training project.
We intend to continue focusing on the development of our staff’s capabilities to ensure a high level of motivation and know-how in the future as well. We strongly believe that investing in the training of our employees will result in benefits worth several times the investments made.

Arja Sarkanen
Manager, Human Resources
Teknikum Group


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