Teknikum News: April 2016


Teknikum News: April 2016

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CEO on Teknikum's Key Values

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Mr Juha Martikainen, CEO, Teknikum Group Ltd.

Undoubtedly, well-thought-out values are a perfect foundation for long-term business goals. During the last year Teknikum has defined and polished its key values, and they are described as follows:

  • Responsibility
    • Teknikum’s responsibility is shown in many ways, such as taking good care of employees and their working conditions, for instance by placing a strong emphasis on work safety. The environment and saving energy is taken into account by recycling, using energy in an efficient way, and other ways. The same principles of responsibility concern all of our factories. In addition, we ensure the responsible operation of the entire supply chain.
  • Renewal
    • In Teknikum, we strive to continuously improve our personnel’s know-how and increase the degree of involvement and commitment. This can be achieved, for instance, by rewarding top performances, or by training. Through the continuous development of our processes we support the development of customer satisfaction and increase cost efficiency.
  • Respect
    • We systematically look for employees that can take greater responsibilities. Salary increases are based on the difficulty of tasks as well as Personal Assessment Criteria. The aim is to find everyone KPIs that are important to the company and that can be influenced by individuals. The employee is rewarded based on their success in relation to these KPIs. Furthermore, for substantial cost-savings and additional sales an extra bonus can be issued. Developing know-how is one key point in Teknikum’s strategy, because the satisfaction of personnel leads to the satisfaction of the customer, which in turn will lead to economic success.
  • Satisfied customer
    • Teknikum’s mission is based on a customer-orientated approach. When we understand the customer process and the customer’s needs, we can create additional value that will increase the customer’s competence. One way of achieving this is by increasing the durability of components.

                  Juha Martikainen
                  Managing director
                  Teknikum Group Ltd.





Production Technology Expansion to Plastics in Suzhou Plant

Suzhou R&D Manager Ilkka Nieminen (on the left) with Sench Gu, Suzhou R&D Supervisor.

Teknikum Suzhou has finished the ramp-up of plastic production in China. The production line is now fully functional and the first deliveries are scheduled for May.

The production technology and product development specialize in technical plastics and applications with high mechanical requirements. These mechanical properties include rigid materials with high impact strength, high compression resistance, high wear resistance, and so on.
With this new expansion, Teknikum Suzhou is aiming to serve its existing customers with wider range of solutions. Additionally, the aim is to find new customers through the expertise Teknikum Group has to offer in the field of plastics and the know-how in related applications.
In China, the focus of plastic components will mainly be in the Marine and Machine Building industries. In some cases, however, this may also create an opportunity for Teknikum to offer full solutions for its customers in its other focus industries in the APAC region.

Mika Peltonen
General Manager
Teknikum (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd






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